Gynecology and Obstetrics Pathology

Gynecological and obstetrics pathology is the clinical pathology subspecialty managing the review and analysis of sickness including the female genital parcel, which incorporates vagina, uterus, and ovaries and the bosoms. Obstetrics pathology is the investigation of analysis and illnesses include during pregnancy and labour, gynecology and the post pregnancy time frame. A doctor who rehearses gynecological. Pathology is a gynecological Pathologist.

Gynecological pathologists work in the tissue-based finding of sicknesses of the female conceptive system. [1] This incorporates neoplastic illnesses of the vulva, vagina, cervix, endometrium, fallopian tube American Board of Pathology. Association preparing in careful pathology or gynecological pathology are extra certifications toward a profession as a gynecological pathologist

  •       Pathology of vagina

  •       Cervical Pathology

  •       Pathology of Uterus

  •       Pathology of Fallopian tube

  •       Pathology of Ovaries

  •       Pathogenesis of Ovarian Cancer

  •       Complications of Previable Pregnancy

  •       Pregnancy with abortive outcome

  •       Complications of labour

  •       Gestational Diseases and the Placenta

  •        Disorders Originating in prenatal period

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