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Day 2 :

Keynote Forum

Ashok Kumar Chauhan

Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences Rohtak, Haryana, India.

Keynote: Chemoradiation Alongwith Curcumin in the management of Uterine Cervical Cancer

Time : 10:10-10:45

Conference Series Gynecology and Obstetrics Pathology 2018 International Conference Keynote Speaker Ashok Kumar Chauhan photo

Ashok Kumar Chauhan is currently working as Director, Professor and Head Radiotherapy Unit-II, He worked as Professor in Department of Radiotherapy, PGIMS, Rohtak .He attended and participated in 80 national and international conferences. He is author/co-author to 45 papers. He Published articles in nearly about 90 National and international journals. He also attends as an examiner for Postgraduate examinations in various universities in India. He is a Supervisor for 28 Post graduate students for thesis/ dissertation. He is Life member of Association of Radiation Oncologist of India (AROI) and many other societies and associations.


Introduction: Th e cervical cancer is the most common gynaecological cancer in the developing countries and leading cause of cancer related mortality in women globally. Th e majority of the women in the under developed and developing nations present in locally advanced stages. Th e combination of radiation and chemotherapy is the standard of care in locally advanced cervical cancer. However, the toxicity is a matter of concern. So attempt has been made in this prospective study to use curcumin as radiosensitizer and at the same time as protector of the normal tissues. Material and Methods: Th e study has been conducted in 80 women having stages of IIB to IVA by randomly dividing them in two groups. Th e patients of both the groups received External Beam Radiotherapy with dose of 50 Gy in 25 Fractions along with Cisplatin 40mg/m2 weekly for fi ve weeks. Th is was followed by three fractions of High Dose Rate brachytherapy with a dose of 6 Gy per fraction. Th e patients of group-I only received Curcumin 4gm per day Results: Aft er six weeks of completion of treatment the patients were evaluated for response to treatment as per WHO criteria. Th ere was complete response in 72% in group-I and 66% in group-II. Th e patients who received curcumin experienced less cutaneous and mucosal reactions. Th e patients have been followed up for 4 years. Conclusions: Th e follow-up at 4 years of follow-up shows advantage for those treated with curcumin in terms of overall survival

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Husham Bayazed has completed his PhD from University of Mosul, College of Medicine. He is now Consultant at the Scientifi c Research Center, University of Zakho / Kurdistan Region, Iraq. He is specialist and consultant in Microbiology & Immunology and has published more than 25 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as scientifi c reviewers of many local and international medical journals. In addition he has a Fellowship of ISC, Infection, Cancer, Immunology Advisory Board Member (EUROMDnet) (Belgium), Membership of World Stroke Organization, Membership of Metabolomics (USA), and Membership of American Association of Science & Technology with more than 20 participations in international scientifi c meetings all over the world.


Objective: Th e present study was performed to assess the immune response in women with HPV DNA positive and negative cervical lesions. Methods and Patients: Eighty women with cervical lesions (age range of 25-70 years) were studied. Th e lesions were cytologically classifi ed into 4 groups: ASCUS (20), CINI (30), CINII-III (16), and cervical carcinoma (14) prior to HPV DNA detection. Estimation of IL-10 and TNF-α cytokines was performed via Enzyme linked immunosorrbent assay (ELISA) technique in cervical secretions and serum and PCR screening kits were utilized to detect HPV DNA on cervical smears. Results: Th e detected levels of IL-10 (mean ± SE) concentration in cervical secretions of patients with HPV DNA positive and negative states and control group were 88.73 ± 16.90 pg/ml, 24.00 ± 2.84 pg/ml and 8.27 ± 0.59 pg/ml respectively with signifi cant diff erences (p<0.05), while levels of TNF-α in cervical secretion of the studied groups were 12.18 ± 3.49 pg/ml, 9.90 ± 0.73 pg/ml, and 7.90 ± 0.87 pg/ml respectively with non signifi cant diff erences. Th e detected levels of IL-10 in cervical secretions of HPV DNA positive cases (88.73 ± 16.90 pg/ml) were signifi cantly higher than in the sera (13.69 ± 2.41 pg/ml) (p<0.05), while the levels of TNF-α in their cervical secretions (12.18 ± 3.49 pg/ml) was slightly raised than in their sera (11.5 9 ± 3.14 pg/ml) with non signifi cance diff erences

Conclusions: A raised levels of both IL-10 and TNF-α in secretions of HPV D NA positive women with diff erent cervical lesions were detected. However, the observed higher levels of IL-10 than TNF-α indicate down-modulation of tumor-specifi c immune response to HPV infected lesions via signifi cant raised concentrations of the fi rst cytokine than the second one. Th erefore, this phenomenon seems to provide a tumor progressive microenvironment by the immunosuppressant properties of IL-10 with minimal antitumor activity of TNF-α.

Mira Bajirova

Healthcare Medical Center Dubai, UAE

Title: Infertility caused by decreased oxygen utilization and jinn

Time : 11:40-12:15


Mira Bajirova, Associate Professor, Consultant IVF, Ob-Gyn from Paris, France. Born in Kazakhstan, moved to Moscow for Medical Studies and Scientifi c studies, PhD. After spending 13 years in Moscow, moved to Paris in 1989. Medical and PhD were not recognized.  New language. Started from the cleaner job, then caregiver, then studied to obtain the nurse Diploma and entered to the Paris University and after studying again 11 years, obtained 9 French Diplomas and Certifi cates. In Total 14 University diplomas and Certifi cates. In France worked with Prof Frydman who did the 2nd IVF in the World, with Prof Pouly, French IVF Society President. On the National Competition on the Country level in 2001 to become Assistant Professor was on 2nd place. Did National Scientifi c Study: ICSI and Children, which was preselected for European Award by ESHRE in 2001 and orally presented in Lausanne, Switzerland. Special interest in Alternative treatment by Negative Ions since 2010.  Miraculous eff ects of the Negative Ions on Female and Male Infertility, Premature Menopause, Infections, Cervical Dysplasia and even Cancer were published in 2017 and 2018 in International Journals. 34 publications, 5 Oral presentations, 1 poster. International experience: USA, UK, China, Vietnam, Russia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates. Quran study since 2017. Ruqya treatment since January 2018.


There are two main causes of the Infertility. Infertility is caused by Decreased Oxygen Utilization and by Jinn. Decreased Oxygen Utilization is induced by Positive Ions. Positive Ions produced by man-made atmosphere: air Conditioning, air pollution, electrical and electronic devices, construction building materials, furniture, unhealthy food and drink, smoking, lack of sleep etc. Positive Ions induce the Acidity and Infl ammation in our body, leading to Decreased Oxygen Utilization and Multiple Organ Dysfunction, Infertility, Aging. Th e best treatment for Decreased Oxygen Utilization is the use of the Negative Ions, while Medicine is powerless in many cases. Negative Ions are abundant in Nature. Nature, created by God, has an amazing Healing Power. Th ere are many commercialized Negative Ions Products. Diagnosis of the Infertility caused by Jinn can be done by an experienced practitioner in this fi eld but also by using Negative Ions as they are disliked by hidden Jinn. Jinn were created by God before mankind creation, live in the parallel World and in their natural state they are invisible but they can take any physical forms. Jinn can create the Infertility through Jinn Possession, Black Magic, Evil Eye. Th e treatment of the Infertility caused by Jinn is only Ruqya, the Allah's words.